Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Hassle of Exercise

I had a very disheartening conversation with one of my brothers (who shall remain nameless) the other day. It went somewhat like this:

My brother – “So how much weight have you lost now?”

Me – “40 pounds”

My brother – “And you’ve lost that much weight without exercising?”

Me – “Yep!”

My brother – “Rosie, don’t think I’m being rude, but a lot of times when people lose a lot of weight without exercising they get flabby.”

Great. I had these high hopes of losing weight without exercising and looking awesome when I was done. But apparently if I don’t start exercising I’m gonna be one of those people who have to have surgery to remove excess skin. Is there any kind of exercise out there that doesn’t suck butt? Don’t think I don’t know all about exercise. I have done it all! I used to Jillian Michael every day, I used to go running all the time. I even did a whole session of Body for Life, with the weight training and everything!

My roommate is such a good example to me. She is so active! When she isn’t out on a walk or going on a hike, she is doing one of those blasted Jillian Michaels videos. And she seems to love it! I wish I could be one of those people that loves exercise, but I just HATE it! But I think I will hate droopy skin more, so I think exercise is on the menu again…

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