Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My new blog!

Everyone has a blog, and I decided that I want one. But what in the world do I have to write about? All I do is go to school, do homework, and go to work. Nobody wants to read about that. So I figured if I'm gonna have a blog, it should be one that not only inspires people, but one that motivates me as well. So here we are.
So I've battled my weight for years now. It started getting better in February when I paid a visit to my neurologist who decided to put me on a new seizure medicine that inhibits my appetite. This was pretty awesome, but not a miracle. I still had to work pretty hard. I dropped ten pounds pretty immediately, but it stopped being easy after that. It was the catalyst that started my weight loss, however. I went up and down since February, but I've done really well the last few months, and I've lost a grand total of forty pounds. I hardly recognize myself!
So my goal with this blog is to basically motivate myself and those around me, and to track my progress. Yeah for blogs!