Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Back!

I haven't been writing because I haven't had much to say on the weight loss front. It turns out that I am really good at maintaining weight loss. So when I do eventually make it to my goal, I know I'll be able to stay there. But I'm not happy yet. So I have actually been working with a personal trainer. She is helping me with my nutrition and with my exercise, so it has been pretty awesome. The same old exercises I had been doing just weren't working for me anymore, so I sought outside help. I'll have more to say about how she has been helping me later, but I just wanted to check in and let ya'll know I'm still here and still working. I didn't want to write until I had actually had some forward movement again! Finally, I have lost another 1.2 lbs for a grand total of 62 lbs lost.

Today I'm grateful for my freaking awesome friends. They are amazing.

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  1. Hi Rosie! I noticed you had not posted for a while. Welcome back! Just post when you feel like it and don't when you don't!! I know what you mean about when you feel like... meh.. haven't really lost that much weight, what to say what to say! :D Good on you for maintaining! and congrats on the 1.2lbs loss.