Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Very Successful Halloween

I haven't had a comfortable Halloween in years. I lived with a bunch of sticks in college who got to wear really cute Halloween costumes come Halloween time, and it wasn't very fun for me. Last time I went trick-or-treating I tried to go as an eskimo. This was me being lazy, of course. I didn't want to deal with the cold, so I just wore my huge coat and said I was an eskimo. My friend wasn't gonna let that slide and turned me into a lunch lady (embarrassing confession!) You don't feel attractive in a costume like that. Remember my before and after picture from Halloween last year? I thought I looked good until I saw this picture. The point is, I haven't had good luck with Halloween for a long time.

My family got WAY into Halloween this year. My brother decorated the house all crazy, and he made a fifteen foot high costume for himself, which you can see to the right here. My sister-in-law wanted me to have an awesome costume. This is the skinniest I've been since my sophomore year in high school, so I agreed that I wanted to have an awesome costume, so I enlisted her aide to come up with an idea. She decided she wanted me to be Marilyn Monroe. You know, the famous dress with the wind blowing up and the blonde wig? Well, I decided I wouldn't look good in a wig, but it gave me the idea to try to come up with a brunette icon that I would want to dress as and I came up with none other than Audrey Hepburn. I actually hated the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, but you gotta love the outfit she wears! And the diamonds, of course. I didn't have access to the accurate bling, but I did what I could. What do you think compared to last year's Halloween costume? Can you spot the missing 46 pounds?

This year as Audrey Hepburn!

Last year as Miss Peacock....

Close up of my face! This is so you can see my completely real and genuine eyelashes (just kidding, they're totally fake.) I take my eyelashes pretty seriously, and so should you. :)

When I came down the stairs, my nephew told me that he liked my dress. I thought it was so cute for a five year old boy to tell me he liked my dress! Then his little sister, who does not like to hug people, kept coming to hug me and tell me that I was a beautiful princess! It was so freaking adorable! Nothing like your nieces and nephews to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Today I am grateful for laughter. I am a grinner. I think lots of things are funny, but I won't always laugh. It's pretty hard to made me laugh rather than just smile, so when something makes me laugh really hard, I'm grateful for it!