Monday, July 23, 2012


To give myself some accountability I'm going to be recording what I eat each day and how I have exercised each day.  Disclaimer: I might be too lazy to actually do it on some days, but I'll try.

Skipped breakfast as I was running late - I know this is unhealthy and I'm working on not doing this anymore.

Handful of sugar snap peas - 15 calories
Turkey, cheese, and honey mustard wrap on a wheat tortilla - 395 calories
44 oz diet dr pepper (oops!  first one in over a week though!) - 60 calories (for the vanilla shot)

Afternoon Snack:
Baby carrots - 70 calories
Jonagold apple - 72 calories
Cinnamon Almonds - 150 calories

Tuna melt - 340 calories

EAS Myoplex Lite Cookies & Cream Protein Shake - 170 calories

I drank 78 oz of water today - I need to drink more.  Total calories consumed today was 1272.

I also ran 4.5 miles, which burned 613 calories.  The stats are coming from

Today I'm thankful for office pranks.  They make a slow day much funner.

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