Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Weigh In

Christmas was quite eventful. My family ate at Texas Roadhouse on Christmas Eve. I ate too many rolls and had the pulled pork dinner with Caesar salad and a sweet potato. I don't know why anyone would pick a regular potato over a sweet potato. Oh, and let me tell you. I am better than you because I eat Caesar salad and you eat House salad. Caesar salad is sooooooooo good!

Oh, and I did eat some of the candy from my stocking. It was really good. I still have a lot left. I'll probably give it away.

So I know I normally weigh in on Sundays, but it was just kind of a crazy day yesterday and I never got around to posting. In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that I actually weigh in everyday, but I only publish my findings on Sundays. You're not supposed to weigh in everyday as it kind of messes with your head, but I have found that it kind of keeps me on track during the week, so I'm probably not gonna stop. Anyway, after the Christmas holiday I had gained 1.2 pounds. But this morning I was back to the same weight from last week. Pick whichever weigh in you want. This week there will be no distractions!

Today I'm thankful for good advice.

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  1. Good thing Dennis and I took the rest of your candy to make it easier for you! You see, we stole that candy not because we were being selfish, but because we knew you didn't really want it.