Sunday, January 2, 2011

Time to Get Serious Again

I thought this week would be so easy since Christmas was over. It wasn't, so now I'm back to getting serious about dieting.

New Year's Eve was awesome. Best New Year's I've had in a long time. Huge pallet fire out in the desert! Since I started off the new year right, I can continue by getting back on track. My boss is so sweet, she gave me some almond milk that will go really good with my cereal, so I can start eating that again. No more treats for a little while, which should be easy now that the holidays are over. Also, I have signed up for a 12-week contest on the website that sends me my breakfast shakes. I've done something like this before with the Body for Life workouts, but this is something that I have actually registered for. I have submitted a before essay, and will soon be submitting a before picture as of this week holding a newspaper with that day's date. After 12 weeks I'll submit an after picture and can potentially win $25,000 depending on how epic my transformation is. Don't worry, I won't be getting my hopes up, but it sure is a big incentive! So I will be working on one of my goals for this year of being more active sooner than I thought.

Today's results: I gained .06 lbs. Not a lot, I know, but I'm still annoyed. Total weight loss is now 58.2 instead of 58.8.

Today I'm thankful for spanx, enough said!

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  1. I feel annoyed with maintaining weight - I gotta work on my attitude. The 12-wk challenge sounds interestng, do you have to do anything to meet requirements or just only drink a breakfast shake?