Friday, October 8, 2010

Lifestyle Change

One thing that me and my mom have talked about for years is the topic of today's blog post. Someone in your life is always on a diet, whether it is yourself, a friend, or a family member, someone is always on a diet. People are always talking about diets. It's the number one scam out there, it's in all the magazines and talk shows. The truth is there is no easy fix to losing weight. It's a long battle. But there are ways to make it easier.

When me and my mom would have discussions about going on a diet, we would invariably decide that we didn't want to go on a diet. Diets tend to fail. They are hard. It's just a bunch of rules that you don't want to follow. What we would decide is that we would want to just have a "lifestyle change." What does that mean? Change your lifestyle habits so that they are healthier. Don't just do a crash diet, lose a bunch of weight really fast, go back to your old habits, and gain it all back. This is called yo-yo dieting and is extremely unhealthy. Change your lifestyle, lose weight slowly, and when you're done losing weight, your habits have changed. Eat like a normal healthy person. A normal person going out for ice cream doesn't eat the whole gallon. A normal person still goes out to eat every once in a while. A normal person eats dessert. They just don't overdo it. It's okay to go out to eat. It's okay to have a cookie. If you follow too rigid of a diet plan, it is likely that it will fail. If you restrict yourself too much, you end up binging later.

I'm hoping for a lifestyle change. My diet is probably a little too strict, but I'm doing really well. I go out to eat with my friends, and I feel like I have created a good balance for myself. When I'm done losing weight, I have done it in a way that I don't believe I will have a problem with possibly gaining weight back. I'm not fixated on food anymore, it doesn't control my life. I will have a healthier lifestyle when I'm done going down this path.

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