Saturday, October 2, 2010

This Week's Recap

This week I think went really well. I started exercising this week. In order to start exercising, I had to start eating more. I really wasn't eating enough to be able to have the metabolism to maintain an exercise program, and certain family members and friends were being annoyingly concerned, even though I TOLD them I was going to eat more. The problem was finding food that was cheap enough for me now that I am poor. It also had to be easy to prepare because I am lazy. It also had to be high energy food because I needed to eat more to start exercising. A lot of foods fit in this category, it turns out, but I am also a very picky eater. So I added oatmeal and eggs to my diet, and it worked out very well this week.

On Monday I did my first Body for Life running routine, and it couldn't have been a more positive experience. Tuesday I did the Body for Life upper body workout with free weights. Wednesday I did another running routine, and Friday I did the Body for Life lower body workout with free weights. Body for Life is killer. I'm ridiculously sore. I've done a whole Body for Life session in the past, which is 12 weeks of doing these routines six days a week. I'm not gonna do that. I felt four days this week was sufficient. My goal is going to be to do these Body for Life routines three to four times a week, depending on how hectic my school and work schedules are.

The results: Sundays are my official weigh in days. I lost another 0.6 pounds. They say muscle weighs more than fat, so maybe I gained a bunch of muscle this week??? Probably not quite yet. I always figured that was a load of bull. Anyways, things are going well. Another 2 sticks of butter are missing since last week. Yeah!

I've been asked to post some before and after pictures. I'm not done losing weight yet, but I guess I can do that here in a couple of days.

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