Sunday, October 24, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

The people have spoken. I will keep weighing in on Sundays. this will maintain consistency, but I may not like the number I get as much as a Friday number. Thanks for participating in my poll!

This week was another busy week between school and work and trying to squeeze time in for friends. Not to mention I got an FC Twin System that plays old Nintendo games that I of course put ahead of everything else. That thing is awesome! But I somehow managed to get in a lower body workout, and an upper body workout, and two running routings. The Body for Life workouts of course. I fit in four workouts! Phew! Goal achieved.

So here's what happened Thursday night. I'm running, and the Body for Life running routine is done in intervals, because interval training is more stressful and builds muscle. Well, I think it's time for me to ramp up my intervals, because I was on my last set of intervals, and I accidentally went over by one minute. I don't particularly enjoy running. This is a twenty minute exercise, and I ended up running for twenty-one minutes! I looked at the treadmill timer and thought to myself, "How did this happen?!?" When I'm running, I DON'T lose track of time! But I did this time, so I figured it must be time to step it up a notch.

So Saturday: It was upper body workout day. I hate the upper body workouts. It just takes a long time. It's five muscle groups versus three muscle groups on the lower body workouts. But I finished my upper body workout on Saturday and was for some reason feeling like a rock star. So I decided to do a running routine! Fourth workout of the week, but only the third time. Remember, it was time for me to step it up a notch. So I re-evaluated my intervals and set them up again at higher levels. It was pretty intense! It started out okay, but by the last five minutes, I WISHED FOR DEATH! The only thing that got me through it was this. I listened to it TWICE in the last five minutes because it's such a good pump up song! It wasn't until the second time that I listened to it that I realized what the song was called and thought about how funny it was. Seriously, what was I thinking? Stepping up the notch? I don't run! However, like I have said before, once I was done I realized it wasn't that bad and was excited for the next time. This new body of mine can handle more than it used to!

So things are going well on the exercise front, however, I ate really bad this week. I think I only had four days this week that I ate healthy the whole day. Everyone always wants to go out to eat for some reason. I was careful on portions for the most part...

The results: I weigh the same today that I did last Sunday. I did not lose weight, I did not gain weight. I could be upset about this, but I'm not gonna let it bum me out. I'm just gonna let it be a learning opportunity and eat better this week. I'm gonna concentrate on my fitness victories from this week.

Today I am grateful for my friends. I could talk all day about how uplifting my friends are. Each one has something in particular I am grateful for. I had a lot of fun this week, and I had a GREAT weekend. My friends are AWESOME!


  1. It's definitely best to do something consistent. And always remember that so much can affect scale weight anyways. :)

    Tina (

  2. I did body for life (the 12 week challenge) after the birth of my first son. I had great results and my body was compltely different by the end of it. I am not a runner - ie, I hate it... lol. I did the intensity training with a walk/run. So my 6 was a walk, then I'd increase the incline/speed for each subsequent minute. WHen I had to give a '9 effort' I'd run. Then during the last 5 mins when it went from a 9 to a 10 I'd run again. After 12 weeks I still couldn't run the whole 20 mins, but I was able to start running on an 8 effort. So I would often walk 2 mins, then run 2 mins, till the end when I would do the 3min run... you should figure out what I'm talking about! lol... So you are doing fabulously if you run the whole time!!!
    Oh, and the first 4 weeks on the program saw me 'gain' weight, but it was all muscle. My clothes starting swimming on me yet I weighed more. That's quite normal too!

  3. I actually don't start running until my 7 8 9 10. My 5 and 6 is speed walking. But yeah, it's definitely tough! I did a whole 12 week challenge once before, and I'm not doing that this time, just the workouts! They're great!